Retreat Booking Guru Team – About Us

We believe all human beings are innately wise, strong and kind. This wisdom, although not always experienced, is always present.

Going on a retreat can be a skillful way to reconnect to one's basic sanity. But putting on retreats is hard and complex work. We believe that retreat centers should have state of the art digital tools that allow them to work as effortlessly as possible. Our mission at Booking Guru is to help retreat centers thrive.

Our company started in 1998 building websites and booking systems for spiritual retreat centers and teachers. We are located in beautiful Nelson, BC Canada. It is a truly amazing little town to live and work in while providing booking software for retreat centers throughout the world.

Deryk Wenaus

CEO & Co-Founder

Deryk has two decades of experience as a programmer and project manager and has completed over 50 IT projects. He is a long-time buddhist and non-dual practitioner.

Cameron Wenaus

COO & Co-Founder

Cameron is a project manager, designer and marketing advisor. He has been managing IT projects for over 15 years including 4 years as IT Manager for Shambhala International.

Christine Crawford

Business Administrator

Christine has over 15 years experience in office administration and bookkeeping, she is dedicated to keeping the office running smoothly.

Terri Davis

Retreat Consultant

Terri is an early adopter of new ideas, has a passion for connecting with conscious business owners, and loves to meet others on the awakening journey in one form or another. Her motto: "If you want something you've never had, you must be willing to do something you've never done"

Andrea Kennedy

Project Manager

With a background in marketing, communications and consulting, Andrea is dedicated to solving problems and making sure projects are on track. When not offering client support, Andrea can be found in the mountains equipped with skis, hiking boots or a climbing harness.

Cloud Edwards

Computer Mage

Cloud tried to build a robot, but had to learn how to code. He learnt Python, built Pong, an Android App, then dove into web development. Cloud enjoys skateboarding, making music, doing taxes, solving horrid technical problems, and building things people care about.

Michelle Heinz

Project Manager

Michelle started as one of our clients when she introduced our software to her team at the Clear Sky Retreat Center. Her passion for new experiences and waking up, has made for great alignment with our vision. She is less sheepish now that she's out of New Zealand.

Nick Albright

Project Manager

16 years of running IT projects, a decade of pursuing a yoga practise, 5 years of exploring meditation, a life time of hoping to make a difference... and finally it all finds a home with the team at Retreat Guru.

Shayne Kasai

Front End Developer

Shayne has been writing code for over 19 years. On his free time, he enjoys spending time with his family, and composing music for film.

Sonja Logtenberg

Customer Care

"Our communication and efficiency has greatly improved with Retreat Booking Guru now that we have the ability to accept credit cards online and schedule automatic notification emails."

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"Booking Guru has been a great solution for our business. The team is amazing and always available when you need them."

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