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Feature Updates: October 2016

You can now add a button to mark a room as clean on the rooms list.

Discounted prices for Early Bird Pricing are now displayed with an attractive strike-through.

Improve UI and scrolling on the Registration list table. Now you can expand width of the columns and scroll horizontally to see all the information without having to click into each Registration individually


Add {{person_id}} and {{email}} to email template codes

Add post excerpt to the API


Oct 5th 2016 Version 4.0


Add the ability to create email templates. They can be entered in the reg. settings and they can be used on the registration edit screen and the bulk email.

Here is a help article on Email Templates


Add the ability to customize the text for dates on the registration form.

Refactor price add-ons and add them to the registration list filters.


Feature Updates: September 2016

Sep 22nd 2016 – Version 3.9


A package date program can now exclude days of the week that it can’t start on

See the Help Article

*See below how the dates for Sundays and Mondays are disabled


You can now customize the meal report in Reg Settings->General to specify whether arriving or departing guests are included for specific meals.



When you change the dates of stay (on the registration edit screen), both package and fixed date types will now create an updated transaction (before it was just hotel dates).


WordPress 4.6 upgrade involved changing the way the datepicker works. This means that all dates in the system will look like this Sept 15, 2016 instead of 10/15/2016.


Add more information to Stripe transactions. All centers using stripe will now be able to see program ID and Name and registration ID in the Stripe Admin console.

When viewing the details of a transaction in the Stripe admin console, in the Connections section, you can see the additional info in the Customer name.

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