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Abandoned Registrations Tracking & Follow up

Want to connect with more potential customers?

Ever wished you could follow up with potential retreat guests who began filling out your registration form, then suddenly disappeared off the face of the earth? Now you can!

Why we built this

A lot of fear can come up when guests are getting ready to pull the trigger and officially sign up to go on retreat. Going on retreat isn’t easy, especially for first time retreat-goers. It’s a big decision and a big purchase.

Often someone will start filling out one of their registration forms and abandon it without completing when this fear comes up.

We’ve created the Abandoned Registrations Feature so you can track and follow up with those almost-customers (via email or phone) and encourage them to come on retreat with you and finish their registration.

Learn more about the Abandoned Registrations Tracking & Follow up Feature  

Note: this functionality isn’t included in our base plans but can be added as part of our Sales & Marketing Booster. Check out our pricing page or contact us to learn more.

Team Members

Manage the user accounts and permissions for your team members

Now retreat centers using Retreat Booking Guru have control over their user accounts.
You can now create, edit or remove team members from your Retreat Booking Guru account; see a full list of who on your team has an account set up already, add new team members as they join your retreat center, Remove old users etc.

Add a photo, title & description to optional items

A better way to up sell customers when they register for your retreat

Now you can add a photo, title and description to optional items you sell on your registration forms.

Show off your spa treatments, optional excursions and airport transfers on your registration form. When your guests are already in the context of buying a retreat and are filling out your registration form you can show them other experiences they might want to add to their retreat to make it even better.

You can easily update optional items in the pricing section when editing or creating a program. For more info on how to use optional items, check out this help article.

This feature was requested (voted on) by 23 customers so we built it. We encourage you to add your voice to other feature requests by clicking on “Suggest a Feature” in your Retreat Booking Guru account.

Easier Financial Reporting

We made financial reporting simpler & easier to understand

Now in Retreat Booking Guru, the transaction reporting summary is more intuitive and easy to use. You can see a total of all items sold during any time frame, broken down by category. Then separately you’ll see a summary of all discounts, taxes and payments made during that same time frame.

Learn more & how to use the transactions summary in this handy video (at minute 14).

Revenue Recognition Reporting (for accrual accounting)

Track retreat revenue accurately (your accountants will love this)

Does the term “accrual accounting” mean anything to you? If it does, you’ll be excited to learn about our new Revenue Date Feature in transactions reporting. Even for non-accountants, this can be exciting.

Here’s how it works

Some accountants need to know when a service (ie. retreat or massage) was provided to a customer so that they can recognize the revenue for that service on the right day. To them, the day the service was purchased isn’t as relevant.

On November 10 a guest buys a retreat happening December 10-12. The revenue from that retreat should be recognized in December when the retreat actually happens (when the service is provided).

In this video (at minute 15), see the new reporting in action and learn more about it.

Try it out yourself by selecting “Revenue Dates” in your transactions reporting.

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