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Enhanced Reporting, Taxes & Registration Emails: March 2017

Categorize Optional Items for improved reporting and taxes

Retreat Centres selling Optional Items on top of their Retreat Programs (like Massages, Airport Pickups etc.) can now assign them to different categories. Benefits include:

  1. Taxes: Retreat Centres can specify different taxes for different Optional Items
  2. Separate Reporting: Retreat Centres can keep track of how well different categories are doing (ie. create a report for all “Spa” Optional Items separate from “Transport” Optional Items).

Learn more about this new feature if you’re interested!

tax reporting

Additional Registration-Notification Email Options

You now have the ability to set custom registration notification emails per-program. These options now include:

1. Standard Email Notification: This means upon registering your guest will receive your standard reg-email (found and created under Reg.Settings>Email).
2. Custom Email Notification: Using this option you can custom-build a registration notification email per-program.
3. No Email Notification: With this option upon registering your guest will not receive a registration notification email.

If you would like to learn more about this feature, click here.

registration email notification

Feature Updates: November 2016

Multiple Pre-Arrival Emails

You now have the ability to create and automate multiple pre-arrival emails per-retreat. In the example below you can see two separate pre-arrival emails. One of these is set to be sent two weeks prior to the retreat starting, and the other is set to be sent one week before the program starts. This new feature helps save on admin time, and will also help your guests feel well supported and cared-for in the time leading up to their retreat.

Once a day, the system will go through all the Registrations and see if any guests need to be sent an email. Pre Arrival emails will only get sent out once per day, at a set time.


Nov 10 2016 Version 4.3

Improved Mobile Layout

This release includes cleaner displays, minor bug fixes, and a more elegant UI (user interface). Our intention is to have the mobile experience be as streamlined and simple as the webpage version; ensuring guests have a clear and enjoyable experience in finding and booking their retreats.


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