Full access for group leaders

Give group leaders full back end access to only their programs.

With this feature, Retreat Center can empower teachers/renters to manage their retreat(s) within their Retreat Booking Guru account.

Extension Details

Retreat Centers can set up an account for a teacher/renter that empowers them to manage a specific retreat, without giving them access to any other parts of the Retreat Center’s account. The teacher/renter is able to view/edit their program, and only their program.


Wild Winds Retreats works with a few guest teachers that host several Retreats each year at this Center, and have been doing so for a few years. One teacher in particular, Alyssa is really trusted by Wild Winds. Alyssa wants to be able to see information about the Retreats she’s hosting at Wild Winds – like Program details, who’s registered, what the owe, which rooms they’re in etc.

Wild Winds can add Alyssa as a “Renter” of space at their Retreat Center. They can give her an account to log into Retreat Booking Guru and specify which retreat programs she has access to see, and which lodging types and rooms she’ll have control over during that Retreat.

Here we see the dashboard-view from the Alyssa’s perspective. She has limited access to parts of Retreat Booking Guru: Programs, Registrations, Transactions & Rooms. Within Programs she can only view/edit her Retreat and not others being hosted at Wild Winds.

Here are full details of how to use this extension.