Track Staff Activity

Peace of mind and accountable staff

With this feature, Retreat Centers can keep track of changes made to their Programs – what was changed, by which staff member, and when.

When did we increase that Retreat’s capacity from 20 to 50 guests? Who accidentally moved the start date of the program up by a day? etc. Now you’ll never have to wonder again!

Extension Details

In the Change log you’ll be able to see changes made to any program (tagged with the Program’s unique identifier, the Program ID), along with the date of the change, who made the change and details of what was changed.


On June 2, Olivia went into her Retreat Center’s Program, the 7 Day Buddhist Meditation Retreat (the Program ID is 98). Olivia changed the capacity of this retreat from 16 guests to 20 guests.

Here’s how to use this feature