Donations in the Registration Form

Build your donor database and increase spontaneous generosity

By giving people the opportunity to donate while they register for a Program, encourage generosity and spontaneous donations. Increase your fundraising without effort.

Extension Details

With this feature, Retreat Centers can encourage guests to make a donation when they sign up for a Retreat. A donations field can be added to any or all Program Registration forms and can include specific information on the charity where funds are being directed. You can add multiple to allow people to donate to different campaigns.

Retreat Centers can track who’s donated and contact them in the future.


Peace Retreats wants to encourage their guests registering for a Yoga Retreat to also consider donating funds to build their new yoga studio and/or for a Wildlife Refuge near their Retreat Center. They can include information on one or both of these on any Program’s Registration Page

The donation form gets embedded in the Registration form with an open field for guests to donate any amount.

Peace Retreats can track these donations in their Transactions reporting. They’ll be able to see who donated, how much they donated, to which fund they donated, when they donated etc. Here they can see that there have been 6 donations made for a total of $1,756.

Peace Retreats can also create a donor database report to see who has made donations. They can then communicate with these guests via email, sending them individual emails or sending a bulk email to everyone who’s made donations to a certain fund, or during a certain time.

Here Peace Retreats can see that 4 guests have donated today while they registered for the 3-Day Escape Program. Peace Retreats can bulk email these 4 guests to thank them for their donation and ask if they’d like to be part of a recurring donor program.