Sell more Retreats

Provide an automatic early booking incentive to customers to encourage them to book your Retreat now.

Extension Details

Set a percentage or fixed-amount discount that registrants will get if they book within a certain time frame. You can set multiple date ranges with different discount levels so the earlier a guest books, the deeper the discount.


Spirit Center has a Retreat coming up this fall, Oct 7-11. They’ve found that when they offer guests a discount for registering early, they get more registrations for a Retreat. Guests have time to tell their friends about the Retreat and encourage others to sign up.

Spirit Center has set up a 25% discount for guest that register more than 6 months ahead of time, and 10% for those who register more than 2 months ahead.

Today is July 4, about 3 months ahead of the Retreat. For someone signing up today they would see the 10% early bird discount advertised and the price of their Retreat would automatically be adjusted.