Advanced Kitchen Reporting

No more wasted food

With this extension your kitchen staff will now know exactly how many meals to prepare and how much food to purchase, so you keep your grocery bills low.

Extension Details

Now for individual Programs, you can specify which days your guests will need different meals at your Retreat Center. And you can easily view a report of how many Breakfasts, Lunches and Dinners will be required on any given day or week.

Set the meals per day for a Program

View the Meal Summary Report

The Meals Summary will display how many Breakfasts (B), Lunches (L) and Dinners (D) are required on any date you specify. There’s a total for the day and a breakdown per Program.


Participants of the 7 Day Buddhist Meditation Retreat show up mid-morning for their Retreat, so they only need lunch & dinner on that day. Then on the 4th day of their Retreat the guests leave the Retreat Center for a walking meditation and eat lunch elsewhere. On the last day of the program everyone must leave after breakfast.

In the Program, the Retreat Center would set up the daily meal settings to reflect these needs:

Then the Meal Summary Report will outline how many breakfasts, lunches and dinners will be required for each day. If there are other programs running simultaneously they will be included. Here there are just 7 people registered; it’s quick and easy to see how many meals to prepare and how much food to buy.