Multi-Person Registration

Book multiple people at once

A group of people going on Retreat together can fill out 1 simple registration form instead of multiple, and pay together.

Extension Details

Multiple registrations in one! Allow couples, families, or groups to book and pay together on the registration form. All retreat participants in the group will receive an email notifying them of their registration and will allow them to answer the remaining registration questions individually.


Tom and Joan want to re-connect and go on a long-weekend retreat. Tom finds the 3-day escape package and wants to easily book himself and Joan into the same room at the Retreat Center. He registers and pays for himself and Joan.

As soon as he has registered them, Joan is sent an email to let her know her husband has booked them into this Retreat, and she gets a form to specify her dietary preferences and medical issues.

Joan’s Email:

Joan’s Form:

The Retreat Center will see Tom and Joan’s registrations immediately, and will see that they are part of a group together.