Package Price Builder

Track different revenue streams separately

Show your guests one total package price built up with all the items that are included in your retreat (including tuition, meals, accommodation and more).

Extension Details

This feature allows you to build up your prices to reflect all the items that are included in your retreat packages (including tuition, meals, accommodation and more), but show your guests just the one total package price.

The guests sees one package price whereas the administrator can view the package price breakdown, and run accurate transaction reports.


Namaste Yoga Retreats runs a 5 day Bliss retreat for $1,820. This $1,820 is made up several things: the Lodging/Room costs, the tuition (to be paid to the yoga teacher), the meals their chef makes, the included massage (to be paid to the masseuse), and the airport transfers (to be paid to the driver). Namaste Yoga Retreats wants their guest to just know and pay for the total $1,820 package price, but their accounting department wants to be able to track the breakdown of costs to those different areas of the business and payout the teacher, masseuse, and driver.

Namaste Yoga Retreats can use package builder in Retreat Booking Guru to breakdown all the different costs included in their 5 Day Bliss package.

The guests of the 5 Day Bliss package will see the one final price of $1,820 on the registration page and on their guest statement.

For Namaste Yoga Retreats, after the 5 Day Bliss Retreat is over they see a more detailed financial analysis of their revenue breakdown and pay out the yoga teacher, driver and masseuse accordingly. The transactions reporting in Retreat Booking Guru will show Namaste Yoga Retreats how much revenue was made from this program, broken down into different categories.