Pre-populated waiver forms

Save time while checking-in your guests.

Speed up your check-in process by printing batches of waiver forms with your guests’ personal info already filled out and ready for them to sign.

Extension Details

Do you have waiver forms that guests fill out and sign when they arrive at your retreat center?

You can create a waiver form template in Retreat Booking Guru and then you can print out individual waiver forms for each guest with their name, stay dates and any other information you specify already included. Once printed, a signature is all that’s required from your guest.

This is especially helpful when big groups of guests show up at once.

Sample pre-populated waiver form:


Step 1: Create the waiver 

  • Go to Reg Settings > Theme and scroll down to “Registration Bulk Print Template (for Waiver)”

  • You can adjust the template to reflect the text included on your waiver form, including legal disclaimer
  • This works similarly to creating pre-arrival email templates, with template codes available and ability to style the form with HTML
  • The ‘template codes’ you include will update with each individual’s registration (so “{ {first_name} }” would print as Olivia, on my form)

Step 2: Bulk Print your waiver for a certain program, time range etc.

  • Go to Registrations > “filters and reports +” to get the list of registrations you’d like to have bulk printed onto the waiver
  • (ie. for a specific Program, or for specific stay dates)
  • Under the list of registrations, click the “bulk print” button to print waiver forms, each on a separate page with the guest’s info already filled out

  • You can sort the registrations by name and they will display and be printed in alphabetical order (by first name)
  • ie. Form 1 for Bob​ Form 2 for James​
  • etc. for the remaining guests

Step 3: Mark off guests that have signed the waiver form

  • If you want to take your tracking a step further, you can create an admin-based question “Signed Waiver Form” and mark off guests who’ve signed the form as they arrive.
  • Later you can filter on who’s filled out a waiver form: