Manage Tasks & To-Dos

Manage your to-do list for planning & running a Retreat

For each program in Retreat Guru, you can keep track of all the tasks that need to get done to make your retreat a success. You can create a standard to-do list and check things off as you go, or you break it down into lists for different people on your team. Even if your team works at different times or in different places, you’ll always know who’s doing what.

This versatile feature could also be used to keep track of Volunteers or event planning.

Example: Staff tasks & to-do list

You can create reminders for each staff member that work on retreats & programs. Cynthia is the retreat center registrar; she’s responsible for setting up each retreat’s details in Retreat Guru. Cassie works at the same center and she takes photos for each retreat. Joe is the Program Director so reviews the content of each retreat before it gets published to their website and takes care of paying the retreat teachers.

Set default note categories (your default to-do list)

In Retreat Guru, Cynthia, Cassie and Joe can set up a template to-do list: all the tasks that they’re responsible for when planning and preparing for a retreat.

Edit your task list per program

The default to-do list will appear in every new program Cynthia creates. Cynthia, Cassie and Joe can update their lists real-time as they complete tasks by marking them with an X. They could also add extra tasks that are program-specific, or remove tasks that aren’t relevant to certain programs.

For the Mindfulness weekend level 1 all the guests are local so Cynthia doesn’t have to worry about collecting their flight info and arranging vans for airport pickup, and Joe doesn’t have to remember to pay the van driver. So they’d just remove those tasks from that program’s to-do list.

View Task Lists & status for all programs

Now when looking at all the programs Cynthia, Cassie and Joe know at a glance what remaining tasks they have left to do for each upcoming retreat.

Also, Joe and Cynthia and Cassie can see each other’s progress preparing for different retreats, without having to be in the same office or email back & forth.