Remote Registration for group leaders

Save time by giving group leaders their own registrations’ window into your system

Give your group leaders a personal window to manage their group’s registrations, in real-time.

Extension Details

Each program will have its own secure link that a Retreat Center can send to a group leader or visiting teacher. With this link the group leader can see which Lodging has been assigned to their group. They can add simple registrations for their participants, putting them directly into rooms. These will immediately become Registrations in the Retreat Center’s system. The group leader can also make changes: adding or removing new participants, moving them around from room to room etc. Any changes the group leader makes will get updated real-time to the Retreat Center.

As the group leader adds their participants into the form, they will also see real-time price updates, for what they owe on behalf of their students. The group leader can manage payments for their students, or the Retreat Center can remind & process payment for the students.


Jane Sharpe is renting space at Drala Yoga Retreat Center in Bali this fall. She’s going to be bringing 8 of her students from Colorado and running a 5 Day Meditation and Yoga Retreat. The registrar at Happy Heart Retreat Center has worked out an agreement with Jane on when she is coming, pricing, and which rooms will be blocked off for her students.

Jane is managing the registration of her students with them directly in Colorado.Drala Yoga Retreat Center sends Jane a secure, simple link from Retreat Booking Guru so she can manage her group’s registrations from afar. She’ll receive this window into her own group’s reservations but will not see anything else in Drala Yoga’s Booking system.

Jane & her students have 3 single rooms (Rooms 1, 2, 3) and a 6-person dorm atDrala Yoga. Jane quickly and simply puts in an entry for each of her students to assign them to rooms. This creates a real-time registration inDrala Yoga’s Retreat Booking Guru system. First she enters Katie White:

Jane can see that Katie is in Room 2 and owes $1,022 ($920 for the Lodging and Tuition + tax).

In real-time,Drala Yoga Retreat Center sees a registration for Katie appear in Retreat Booking Guru.

Jane adds herself and the remaining students to their rooms. She can see what they each owe.

Jane hears from Katie that she’d rather stay in the dorm instead of in a single room. Jane is able to drag and drop Katie from Room 2 to Room 10 and see that Katie now owes $820.40 instead of $1,022. This immediately gets updated in Drala Yoga’s Retreat Booking Guru account too.

Drala Yoga Retreats can take a look at their Room Bookings Chart on Retreat Booking Guru and see all of Jane’s 5 Day Yoga and Meditation Retreat guests in their appropriate rooms. They are ready to start the Retreat!

Find out full details on how to use this feature here.