Manage Multiple Venues

Stay organized and never double book your yoga studio again

With this feature you can schedule and manage use of on-site venues. Keep track of the use of your Retreat Center’s yoga & meditation studios, dining hall, and meeting spaces.

Extension Details

This venue management extension allows centers to manage the use of their large common rooms, such as yoga studios or meditation rooms. Venues can be reserved on different days for different Retreat Programs and administrators can even add notes about what preparations need to be made.


Peace Retreats has a busy summer of events coming up! They’ve got a month-long yoga teacher training, along with several other yoga & meditation retreats happening at their Retreat Center. At Peace Retreats there are several different yoga practice spaces, meditation spaces and other common rooms. They want to keep track of which students will be using which spaces.

They can add each space, or venue into Retreat Booking Guru and keep track of its max capacity and other important notes about the space.

Peace Retreats staff can then assign different programs to use their different spaces on a per-day basis. For example: The Yoga teacher training students will be using one of the yoga studios and one of the meditation spaces for the duration of their training. They will be using the learning space classroom for part of their training. Peace Retreats can assign this program to different venues and view the schedule of different venues and when they’re being used.