Custom Retreat Reporting

Create custom reports showing balances due, who’s arriving or departing, dietary preferances for your kitchen, and more.

Export your data

Anytime you want, export any and all transactions as a .csv (Excel) file and import into your accounting software. After all, it is your data!

Program finances

Download a finance report for each program showing subtotals for balances, payments and all other charges


Search and run powerful reports through all registrations based on time of registration, dates of stay, balances due, etc.

Arrival and Departure

Run a simple report to see who's arriving and departing on any given day.

Kitchen Reports

Easily tally how many vegetarians, omnivores and vegans are on-site. Your cooks will love you.

Payments Pending

Know which accounts are aging and who owes you money. Have these reports emailed to you on a bi-weekly basis.

"Our communication and efficiency has greatly improved with Retreat Booking Guru now that we have the ability to accept credit cards online and schedule automatic notification emails."

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Temple of the Way of Light

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"Booking Guru has been a great solution for our business. The team is amazing and always available when you need them."

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Yemaya Island Hideaway & Spa.

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