Hiring: Content Writer

Retreat Guru is hiring a content writer

Do you thrive in flexible, creative and mindful environment and have an insatiable drive to write? Are you a content writer wanting to collaborate authentically with a fun team that is making a difference in the world? Join our team to grow and engage your passion for writing and content creation while transforming the retreat/wellness community worldwide.

Our Vision

Our mission at Retreat Guru is for more people to experience authentic retreats and reconnect with their innate wisdom, strength and kindness. We want to help Retreat Centres thrive by providing tools that allow them to run their Retreats as effortlessly as possible.

Why you’d like us

To develop a unique retreat product designed specifically for retreat leaders and participants, you need a seriously awesome team, and that’s what we are. Our international office is based out of Nelson, BC and is home to friendly and mindful individuals that are all super passionate about nourishing an authentic and professional culture – just like our product. At Retreat Guru we balance laser-focused work with having a lot of fun too – including yoga and meditation in the workplace.

Team culture

Are you looking for a playful, curious and healthy environment with a more guilt-free work life balance?  Love nature and wilderness, locally grown and locally made products? You can explore it all in lively Nelson- including a diverse local arts and music scene with authentic fun-lovin’ people. Check this out.

The opportunity

We’re looking for a talented content writer, with experience and an active curiosity in the retreat, travel and wellness space to join our team. Your role will be generating content for our magazine, website and social media channels. Working closely with our growth team, you will source inspiring interview materials and create excellent content. Increasing readership and engagement is a key ingredient to grow our company to the next level.

What would my role as a content writer involve?

  • Transcribing content for our online travel magazine and Retreat.Guru website

  • Working with our team to generate effective content for blogs, articles, newsletters, white papers and more

  • Creating content to be shared on social media platforms

  • Setting up effective systems for storing and managing audio, video and written source material

Ideal Skills

  • Outstanding communication, writing and grammar skills
  • Ability to write in various styles, tones and on diverse topics
  • Adept with SEO
  • Capacity to work in a fast changing (at times groundless) environment
  • Experience in the wellness, travel and retreat industry

Think we might be the team for you?

Run through the scoring sheet and follow the directions below:

  • Score +1 if you’ve experience with conducting interviews
  • Score +3 if you have 3+ years experience in content writing or copywriting, +5 if you have 5 or more years experience in content writing or copywriting
  • Score +3 if you have a degree in journalism, english literature or communications
  • Score +3 if you have experience working in the wellness, travel or retreat industry
  • Score +1 if you have used either Asana, Slack or WordPress
  • Score +2 if you have experience creating video content
  • Score +2 if you have more than 5 years experience working within a collaborative team
  • Score +3 if your superpower is bringing out the heart of a matter
  • Score +2 if you continuously practice and research best practices for SEO content
  • Score +3 if you have experience creating, storing and organizing copious amounts of data
  • Score  (-)4 if you manage daily tasks with your email inbox


  • Score +3 if you are intimate with WordPress architecture (themes, plugins, widgets, etc)
  • Score +2 if you know basic CSS and HTML
  • Score +2 if you love connecting with new people on various social media platforms
  • Score +2 if you get a high out of organization and improving systems
  • Score +2 if you have gone on retreat yourself
  • Score +2 if you have created a social media strategy
  • Score +1 if you meditate or practice yoga
  • Score +2 if you have spent 5+ years practicing a spiritual tradition of some kind?
  • Score +3 if you live in Nelson, BC or can move here. Subtract 50 if you can’t relocate to Nelson BC
  • Score +1 if you have started your own business
  • Score +1 if you speak another language
  • Score +1 if you like downhill mountain biking or hiking
  • Score +1 if you smile a lot, even when you have writer’s block or are on a deadline

Your TOTAL Score:


If you scored over 25 points, you may be a good fit.  The next step is to send an email to jobs@retreat.guru with a copy of your itemized score and some samples of your writing.  We will have a look at how you did and if it is a right fit, we will get back to you via email for an interview.

For a score of over 35 points, we’d like to take it further.  Send us an email to jobs@retreat.guru with a copy of your itemized score and samples of your writing. We will connect up with you for tea at our office.

Now, if you scored over 45 points, we want you to send us an email to jobs@retreat.guru with a copy of your itemized score and selection of your writing so that we can pencil you in for an interview. Then stop by our office in Nelson, BC, we would love to buy you lunch and see how you would like to fit into our growing company.

Retreat Booking Software - Reservation & Marketing System - Retreat Guru

Simple Pricing that grows with you.

The only software designed specifically for retreat organizations.

Try it free for 14 days. 60 day money back guarantee.
I just love, love, love Retreat Guru, you have saved me SO much time and made my life so much easier. I also love the way you guys keep working on stuff and improving it. Stephanie, International Yoga
Our communication and efficiency have greatly improved with Retreat Booking Guru Karin Gingras, Temple of the Way of Light
Retreat Booking Guru is making us more efficient and it is making our administration easier. It is simpler to run reception now; you update things in one place and everything is updated. Swami Shivabhaktananda, Sivananda Canada

All Plans Include

Intelligent, Personalized Emails

Free up time with personalized email templates. We'll send participants all the details they need at the right time.

Seamless Website Integration

Integrate into any website. Showcase programs on your website with our beautiful retreat catalogue that uses all of your fonts, colours and branding.

Guests Can Book Online

Never miss a booking! When a guest is motivated to book they can check availability and reserve online anytime. Take full payment or just a deposit.

Keep Participant Information All In One Place

Provide better service to guests by having all their information in one system. Reduce risk by keeping track of participant health, dietary, and special needs too.

Create Reports On Rooms, Registrations & Finances

Save time & know what's happening using our simple & powerful reporting. At a glance, see who is staying in which room and what program they are attending, which guests have a balance due, or search any of your financial transactions.

Combine Program Attendance With Accommodations

Retreat centers work differently than hotels. We combine program attendance with accommodations to streamline the registration process and save you unnecessary admin work.

Add On Bundles

Sales & Marketing Booster

Attract new participants & increase your revenue with the ability to follow up with abandoned registrations, early bird pricing, discounts, and multiple languages.

  • Bundle includes:
  • Abandoned registration follow up
  • Early bird pricing
  • Advanced discount codes
  • Multiple languages

Complex Registrations Time-Saver

Streamline your registration processes & save your time. Manage rental groups, block rooms, lightweight POS, multi person registration.

  • Bundle includes:
  • Multiperson registration
  • Block rooms for retreats
  • Manage rental groups
  • Lightweight POS

Finance & Team Access Tracker

Reduce risk and know more about what's happening at your retreat center. Multiple access levels and permissions, track team activity build price packages, track personal credit.

  • Bundle includes:
  • Build & track packages
  • Manage personal credit
  • Multiple access levels & permissions
  • Track team activity

Benefit From Our Retreat Ecosystem


Saves you time

Streamline your registration and admin processes so you can focus on your guest's retreat experience

Payment Processing

Get low processing rates

2.85% in Canada, USA & Australia
Interchange + 1% in Europe
Contact us for anywhere else


Discover new participants

Your event listings display for free on our marketplace helping you attract new participants from a global audience of retreat seekers. Only pay a 14% fee when a guest books and attends a retreat.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the 14 day free trial work?

Get access to all our features to try them out. We'll set you up with our software & a retreat consultant to make it easy. If you decide to buy then your free trial account will become your live account. You won't lose any of your data or your setup.

How many users do we get?

All plans come with unlimited accounts for your whole team.

What counts as a registration?

A registration is 1 guest's stay at your retreat center. Ie. A guest who comes for a 2 day retreat counts as 1 registration. A guest who comes for a 30 day retreat also counts as 1 registration.

Typically registrations are for overnight or multi-day retreats. But, if you have many day-visitors, or often rent out your retreat organization to visiting teachers & their students, weddings and conferences, let us know. This could make your plan cheaper!
contact us for custom pricing

What happens if I cancel half way through the year?

Pay yearly risk free:
If you pay a year in advance we will reimburse you for the remaining months left in the year.

Pay monthly:
If you pay monthly, you'll just stop paying at the beginning of the next month.

What happens if we go over our plan?

If your retreat organization is doing many more registrations than expected this year, Congrats! We will notify you if you're processing more registrations than is part of your current price plan. You'll only be responsible for paying your new price plan after you have been notified. If you sign up for a higher plan, and do fewer registrations than expected, you can move to a smaller plan. We will credit you the plan difference from last year towards this year's plan payment.

Still have questions?

Not sure which plan is right for you?

Why Retreat?

We asked people why they go on retreat, here's what they said:

Reconnecting with basic goodness in an environment of people who share a vision for a better society. Wimberly

Retreat Guru's Vision

We believe human beings are innately wise, strong and kind. This wisdom, although not always experienced, is always present. Going on retreat is a beautiful way to reconnect to our basic sanity and health. Our aspiration at Retreat Guru is to inspire people to experience authentic retreats and reconnect with their innate wisdom, strength and kindness.

Booking Guru Software

Booking Management Software Product

Online booking software. Manage your bookings, retreats, rooms, and finances, all in one place.

5 star review 5 out of 5 stars,
based on 24 in-depth reviews on Capterra.com.