Hiring: Sales and Marketing Manager

Retreat Guru is hiring.

Do you thrive in creative and mindful environments? Do you have a yearning for collaboration, authenticity, and a bit of fun while still working in the retreat and wellness space? Join our team and engage your passion for sales in our start-up software company that’s transforming the retreat/wellness community worldwide.

Our Vision

Our mission at Retreat Guru is to help retreat centers thrive with state of the art digital tools that allow them to work as effortlessly as possible.  We want more people to experience authentic retreats and reconnect with their innate wisdom, strength and kindness.

Why you’d like us

To develop a unique booking software product designed specifically for retreat leaders you need  a seriously awesome team, and that’s what we are. Our international office is based out of Nelson, BC and is home to friendly and mindful individuals that are all super passionate about nourishing an authentic and professional culture – just like our product. We balance laser-focused work with having a lot of fun – including yoga and meditation in the workplace.  

Are you looking for a playful, curious and healthy environment with a more guilt-free work life balance?  Love nature and wilderness, locally grown and locally made products? You can explore it all in lively Nelson – including a diverse local arts and music scene with authentic fun-lovin’ people

The opportunity

We are looking for talented senior sales people, with experience in IT and spiritual growth, to join our team. You will be focused on building new relationships with large retreat centers.  You will need to understand their operational processes and software requirements with the goal of on-boarding them into our retreat management software: Booking Guru. 

 What would my role involve?

  • Managing and prioritizing a sales pipeline
  • Diagnosing deep technical needs with good questioning practices and listening skills
  • Assessing and qualifying leads
  • Inbound and outbound sales
  • Introducing people to the software during online demos
  • Understanding existing client operational processes and creating new ones based on Booking Guru
  • Uncovering challenges and finding solutions that deliver value
  • Closing business and hitting targets
  • Managing complex projects 
  • Managing client relationships over time

Ideal Skills

  • Grounded and authentic – ability to connect with people around their personal vision and passion
  • 5+ years of SaaS/software selling experience
  • A deep confidence in the sales process itself
  • Excellent technical know-how: understanding API’s, html, and CSS is handy.
  • Excellent communication skills and very personable (bordering on adorable)
  • Need to be able to do website integrations
  • Ability to work in a fast changing (at times groundless) environment
  • Familiarity with the global retreat community

Think we might be the team for you?

Run through the scoring sheet and follow the directions below:

  • Score +2 if you’ve managed a sales team, +3 if you managed a SaaS/software sales team
  • Score +3 if you have 5+ years experience in SaaS software sales and building customer relationships
  • Score +2 if you have a degree in either business, project management or organizational behaviour
  • Score +2 if you have deep experience in analytics and conversion tracking
  • Score +3 if you have managed your own sales cycle within a CRM system
  • Score +2 if you have more than 5 years experience working within a collaborative IT team
  • Score +3 if your superpower is diving to the root of technical requests.
  • Score +3 if you 3 years experience leading a marketing team
  • Score +2 if you continuously research sales and marketing best practices
  • Score +2 if you have lead teams in both operations and marketing in a start-up phase
  • Score  (-)4 if you manage daily tasks with your email inbox
  • Score +3 if you are intimate with WordPress architecture (themes, plugins, widgets, etc)
  • Score +2 if you know basic CSS and HTML
  • Score +2 if you love connecting with new people
  • Score +2 if you get a high out of selling things that you believe in
  • Score +2 if you have gone on retreat yourself
  • Score +2 if you have created a social media strategy
  • Score +1 if you meditate or practice yoga
  • Score +2 if you have spent 5+ years practicing a spiritual tradition of some kind
  • Score +3 if you live in Nelson, BC or can move here. Subtract 5 if you can’t relocate to Nelson BC
  • Score +1 if you have started your own business
  • Score +1 if you speak another language
  • Score +1 if you like downhill mountain biking or hike
  • Score +1 if you smile a lot, even on public transit.
  • Score +1 if you enjoy teaching

Your TOTAL Score:


If you scored over 25 points, you may be a good fit for an entry position.  Send an email to jobs@retreat.guru with a copy of your itemized score.  We will have a look at how you did and if it is a right fit, we will get back to you via email for an interview.

If you scored over 35 points, you sound like you are growing into senior sales.  Send an email to jobs@retreat.guru with a copy of your itemized score and your Myers Briggs score, so we can see where you shine. We will connect up with you for tea at our office.

If you scored over 45 points, we’ve already pencilled you in for an interview. Send an email to jobs@retreat.guru with a copy of your itemized score and your Myers briggs score, so we can see where you shine and then stop by our office in Nelson, BC, we would love to buy you lunch and see how you would like to fit into our growing company.


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