Hiring: Web Application Engineer

A little bit about us

Our mission at Retreat Guru is to help retreat centers thrive with state of the art digital tools that allow them to work as effortlessly as possible.  In turn they can provide more retreats with less effort.  We want more people to experience authentic retreats and reconnect with their innate wisdom, strength and kindness.

Why you’d like us

To develop a unique booking software product designed specifically for retreat leaders you need a seriously awesome team, and that’s what we are. Our international Nelson office is home to friendly and mindful individuals that are all super passionate about nourishing an authentic and professional culture – just like our product. We balance laser-focused work with having a lot of fun too – including yoga together twice a week.  Yes we actually do yoga at work.

The opportunity

We are looking for a talented back end developer or full stack developer to join our innovative and evolving team. We’re looking for someone who loves to code as well as work with other developers to build meaningful products for our retreat management software: Booking Guru. We are looking for someone who is inspired by technical challenge, is excited by the idea of getting in on the ground floor of a growing startup, and really likes the idea of building a product that is going to help make the world a better place. We are growing steadily and solidly and we are magnetizing amazing people to help achieve our goals.

We are committed to building an environment where developers can thrive and achieve excellence. We use the parts that work from agile methodology such as story boarding, sprints and code review. We often do pair programming for those that flourish in that environment. We have a continuous deployment pipeline allowing us to push new code often. Our technology stack includes PHP, Python, PostgreSQL, Heroku, ElasticSearch, scikit-learn, CircleCI, GitHub, Laravel, MixPanel, Intercom, Slack, Asana.

A typical week at Retreat Guru:

  • Working with the growth team to decide on the next customer feature
  • Whiteboarding to refactor existing code and architect new features
  • Squashing bugs, building new features and writing automated tests

We’re looking for someone who:

  • Is a self-starter: gets the problem and runs with it
  • Is resourceful. We don’t want to reinvent the wheel (unless the wheel is broken)
  • Practices good OOP architecture and knows when to refactor
  • Is a good communicator and enjoys working with small capable teams
  • Excellent attention to detail (and we mean it)
  • Is dependable and a quick learner.

The position is full time and starts immediately. Compensation is competitive includes equity and is based on experience. You can work remotely (but we’ll prefer someone closer to beautiful Nelson, BC)

Think we might be the team for you?

Run through the scoring sheet and follow the directions below.
Score +3 if you write modular code based on SOLID principles. A bonus point if you use dependency injection
Score +3 if you have implemented Domain Driven Design (or similar) architecture
Score +3 if you have 1+ years experience working with PHP
Score +3 if you regularly write tests. A bonus point if you use TDD or BDD
Score +3 if you are an expert in Javascript/jQuery. A bonus point if you know ReactJS
Score +2 if you use git source control extensively. Score –5 if you’ve only used FTP to deploy applications.
Score +2 if you are experienced with Python. A bonus point if you have experience with machine learning.
Score +2 for being very comfortable working in an unix/linux environment.
Score +2 if you are experienced using Amazon AWS and EC2
Score +2 each if you are very experienced with PostgreSQL or MySQL.
Score +2 if you have excellent HTML and CSS skills. Add a bonus point if you know Semantic UI or Foundation
Score +2 if you enjoy designing front-end UI elements
Score +2 if you have written a popular WordPress plugin.
Score +1 if you hike, ski, surf, scuba dive or play a musical instrument
Score +1 if you meditate, practice yoga or have another spiritual practice
Score +1 if you like to keep things simple
Score +1 if you like to teach others
Your TOTAL score:


If you scored over 25 points You may be a good fit.  Send an email to jobs@retreat.guru with a copy of your itemized score.  We will have a look at how you did and if it is a right fit, we will get back to you via email for an interview.

If you scored over 30 points, You sound like a web application engineer. Send an email to jobs@retreat.guru with a copy of your itemized score so we can see where you shine. We will connect up with you for tea at our office.

If you scored over 35 points, we’ve already pencilled you in for an interview. Send your itemized score to jobs@retreat.guru and stop by our office in Nelson, BC, we would love to buy you lunch and see how you would like to fit into our growing company.

While RetreatGuru is totally open to receiving applications from people remotely, we prefer you to be here and to have hung out with us in Nelson before we make a job offer.


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