Lodging types

Lodging types are distinct categories that have one or more rooms within the category.

You can find the list of your Lodging Type in the Admin Sidebar under Rooms.

Room Categories - Lodging Type

Lodging Type Listing

The listing shows you all of your Lodging Types, the price for each type, and the Rooms and are within each Lodging Type. You can edit each Lodging Type, and add a new type.

Editing and Adding Lodging Types

You can change the title and description of the room. You should include some descriptions of the room type to help your participants decide what kind of accommodations they would like.

Important: This is used to describe not just one room, but a whole category of rooms.

Lodging price & settings

This section allows you to change the price of the room and change settings. Once you change the price on the Lodging Type, all Rooms of that type will have their prices updated automatically. You can also change settings of how the Lodging Type behaves, including setting up Seasonal Pricing, and setting the Registrations per Room limit. For more information regarding Lodging Price and Settings see this article. https://retreatguru.helpjuice.com/14987-Rooms-&-Lodging/lodging-price-and-settings

Lodging price & settings

Lodging Gallery

You can upload multiple photographs of the Lodging Type from your computer. These photos will be displayed in a slide show on the Registration Form.

room reservation gallery

Room inventory

This section displays a list of rooms in the same category. You might just have 1 room in each category if you a small retreat centre!

room inventory


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