Booking Software Feature Updates: June 2017

Mulit-lingual – Offer Support In Multiple Languages

We want to encourage people around the world to experience the benefits of going on Retreat. And not everyone speaks English! Now Retreat Centres can offer international guests the option of registering for a Retreat in the language of their choice.

multi-lingual support

Get the full details on the multilingual registration add-on. This is an extension, so please contact us to learn about pricing and have this feature added to your account. 


Accept Donations – Run Simple Donation Campaigns

Now with improved sliding scale pricing, Retreat Centres can create simple donation campaigns, and have donors pay online, just like when they register for a Retreat.

donation campaign

Contact us to get help setting up your first donation campaign.


Communicate Better With Guests on the Registration Form

Retreat Centres can now communicate better with guests filling out Retreat Registrations forms! You can now add custom messages to any section on the form – to remind guests of a refund policy, that they can fill out flight info later etc.

 guest registration form

Get the full details on this feature here.


New Layout in the Programs Section

Welcome to simplicity. All the features you know & love when creating or editing a program are still here. Now they’re organized into intuitive sections.

Easy to navigate & Intuitive Layout: No more scrolling endlessly up & down the create/edit Programs page: content is now organized into tabs & the Update button is always available on screen.

Program Section Layout

Try it for yourself by editing or creating a program.

Event Management & Planning Software Update: May 2017

Improved Kitchen Reporting

Help your kitchen staff prepare for meals ahead of time. Now for individual Programs, you can specify which days your guests will need different meals at your Retreat Centre. And you can easily view a report of how many Breakfasts, Lunches and Dinners will be required on any given day or week.

Set the meals per day for a Program

Kitchen Meal Program

View the Meal Summary Report

The Meals Summary will display how many Breakfasts (B), Lunches (L) and Dinners (D) are required on any date you specify. There’s a total for the day and a breakdown per Program.

Meal Summary Report

Contact us to add this to your account.

Learn more about the feature in our Knowledge Base.

See Today’s Arrivals on the Dashboard

Enable your front desk staff to be more efficient. Now, when you log into Retreat Booking Guru you’ll see a list of today’s arrivals right on the Dashboard with a quick link to tomorrow’s arrivals.

Front Desk Staff Software

Introducing Program Notes, for Event Management & Planning (Add-on)

Do you have a Florist that needs to put fresh flowers in the lobby on the first day of each Retreat? Or a Caterer that needs to deliver lunch at 11:30 on Tuesday to your main hall? Now with Program Notes, you can keep track of these internal event details for individual Retreats at your Centre.

This versatile feature could also be used to keep track of Volunteers or to note reminders for your staff.

Set Global Note Categories

Event Management Software

Edit Notes per Program

Retreat Program Notes

View Notes Reporting

Retreat Events & Program Reporting

Contact us for pricing and to add this to your account.

Enhanced Reporting, Taxes & Registration Emails: March 2017

Categorize Optional Items for improved reporting and taxes

Retreat Centres selling Optional Items on top of their Retreat Programs (like Massages, Airport Pickups etc.) can now assign them to different categories. Benefits include:

  1. Taxes: Retreat Centres can specify different taxes for different Optional Items
  2. Separate Reporting: Retreat Centres can keep track of how well different categories are doing (ie. create a report for all “Spa” Optional Items separate from “Transport” Optional Items).

Learn more about this new feature if you’re interested!

tax reporting

Additional Registration-Notification Email Options

You now have the ability to set custom registration notification emails per-program. These options now include:

1. Standard Email Notification: This means upon registering your guest will receive your standard reg-email (found and created under Reg.Settings>Email).
2. Custom Email Notification: Using this option you can custom-build a registration notification email per-program.
3. No Email Notification: With this option upon registering your guest will not receive a registration notification email.

If you would like to learn more about this feature, click here.

registration email notification

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