Abandoned Registrations Tracking & Follow up

Want to connect with more potential customers?

Ever wished you could follow up with potential retreat guests who began filling out your registration form, then suddenly disappeared off the face of the earth? Now you can!

Why we built this

A lot of fear can come up when guests are getting ready to pull the trigger and officially sign up to go on retreat. Going on retreat isn’t easy, especially for first time retreat-goers. It’s a big decision and a big purchase.

Often someone will start filling out one of their registration forms and abandon it without completing when this fear comes up.

We’ve created the Abandoned Registrations Feature so you can track and follow up with those almost-customers (via email or phone) and encourage them to come on retreat with you and finish their registration.

Learn more about the Abandoned Registrations Tracking & Follow up Feature  

Note: this functionality isn’t included in our base plans but can be added as part of our Sales & Marketing Booster. Check out our pricing page or contact us to learn more.

Team Members

Manage the user accounts and permissions for your team members

Now retreat centers using Retreat Booking Guru have control over their user accounts.
You can now create, edit or remove team members from your Retreat Booking Guru account; see a full list of who on your team has an account set up already, add new team members as they join your retreat center, Remove old users etc.

Set a start and expiry date for discount codes

Why we made this

We understand that you’re busy marketing, organizing and maybe even running your own retreats. To help you stay on top of providing guests with special discount codes, we’ve made it easier for you to run time based promotions so you can get the word out and fill your retreats.

You’re now able to create urgency for your bookings by setting a start and expiry date for discount codes.


  • Plan your promotions ahead of time
  • Encourage repeat customers
  • Increase your sales in slow months

How to use this feature

A new link now appears on the right side of the discount code ‘Advanced discount options’:



Once this link is expanded, you’ll have the option to set your start date, expiry date and max quantity:





Learn more about how to use discounts to help boost your sales.

Note: this functionality isn’t included in our base plans but can be added as part of a bundle. Check out our pricing page or contact us to learn more.

New integrated Lightweight POS (point of sale) system

Why we made this

Many retreat centers also have a small store, spa or restaurant that sell merchandise, therapeutic services or food.  Many of these items are added after the time of booking and can be difficult to manage and track.

We’ve created a new small-scale POS system that allows centers to quickly add items to a guest’s bill and manage all the transactions in one place.


  • Easily sell add-ons for your retreats
  • Quickly add extra items to a guest’s bill from the admin

Learn more about this feature & how to use it

Note: this feature is only available in our Complex Registrations Time-Saver Bundle. Contact us to add this to your account.


Set a maximum quantity for discounts

Why we made this

Many centers’ offer one-time marketing promotions instead of an unlimited use discount code. This can facilitate promotional campaigns like “the first 100 guests get $100 off their retreat”.

Being able to set the max. number of times a discount code can be used allows you to distribute a discount code without having to track how many times it has been used by each participant manually.

Creating a single use discount code can also be very helpful for keeping track of gift cards!


  • Create single use discount codes
  • Offer and keep track of your gift cards

Learn more about how to use this feature.

Note: this functionality isn’t included in our base plans but can be added as part of a bundle. Check out our pricing page or contact us to learn more.

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