Ask conditional questions on your registration form

Why we made this

We know the importance of keeping registration form relevant and concise. Conditional questions allow you to show extra question(s) on your registration forms based on value of a first question.

You can then gather the relevant information you need without having to ask every guest the same group of questions.

Ex. (ie Are you female? If answers yes then ask, are you pregnant?)


  • Simplify your registration form by only asking relevant questions
  • Show warnings or notifications only to relevant guests

Learn more about how to add questions, including conditional questions.

Note: Conditional Questions are not included in our base plans but can be added on as part of the Complex Registrations Time-Saver bundle or the Sales & Marketing Booster Bundle. Please check out our pricing page for details or contact us.

Split a registration into different rooms during a guest’s stay

Why we made this

Larger centers and centers that also operate like hotels often need to move guests from one room to another during their stay and have it tracked under one reservation.

With this new feature, one registration can occupy more than one room during their stay.  For example, a guest has booked for 12 days, they have booked a dorm for their 10 day retreat and have requested to upgrade to a deluxe private room for 2 days after the retreat.

The dates they stayed in each room will remain accurate in the room chart/inventory.


  • More easily manage a guest who will be staying in multiple rooms during their stay
  • Easily offer room upgrades at any point during a guest’s stay

Learn more about how this works.

How to use this feature

Note: this functionality isn’t included in our base plans but can be added as part of the Complex Registrations Time-Saver Bundle. Check out our pricing page or contact us to learn more.

Changes Log

Small changes between January and March 2018

  • GL Codes now show up in the transaction reports
  • Program room nights and revenue reports no longer include free, cancelled, or no room bookings
  • Screen options have been added to the ‘People’ page
  • Price per night amounts have been added to the remote registration form and the program edit page

Exclude arrival dates on hotel style programs

Restrict the start days (arrival dates) for your open date programs

Set your excluded start days under the Program Dates field of our program.  In this example, we have excluded Saturday:

When guests register for the program, they will not be able to select a Saturday as a start date or check-in date:


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