Easier Financial Reporting

We made financial reporting simpler & easier to understand

Now in Retreat Booking Guru, the transaction reporting summary is more intuitive and easy to use. You can see a total of all items sold during any time frame, broken down by category. Then separately you’ll see a summary of all discounts, taxes and payments made during that same time frame.

Learn more & how to use the transactions summary in this handy video (at minute 14).

Revenue Recognition Reporting (for accrual accounting)

Track retreat revenue accurately (your accountants will love this)

Does the term “accrual accounting” mean anything to you? If it does, you’ll be excited to learn about our new Revenue Date Feature in transactions reporting. Even for non-accountants, this can be exciting.

Here’s how it works

Some accountants need to know when a service (ie. retreat or massage) was provided to a customer so that they can recognize the revenue for that service on the right day. To them, the day the service was purchased isn’t as relevant.

On November 10 a guest buys a retreat happening December 10-12. The revenue from that retreat should be recognized in December when the retreat actually happens (when the service is provided).

In this video (at minute 15), see the new reporting in action and learn more about it.

Try it out yourself by selecting “Revenue Dates” in your transactions reporting.

The Retreat Guru Basics Tutorial

Save time training new volunteers and employees

We’ve created a video tutorial on all the important basics of how to use Retreat Booking Guru software. Don’t worry when a new team member joins your Retreat Center (or if you’re feeling a little rusty) – we’ve got you covered.

If you are looking for help in specific areas (registrations, lodging, reports etc.) the video has been time-stamped here.

Balance Due available at a glance on the dashboard

An easier check-in process

Now you can see whether guests arriving today have a balance due, right on the dashboard.

Many retreat centers use the Retreat Guru dashboard to check-in guests and to see who’s arriving today. Now you’ll see right away whether you need to collect a payment from a guest during their check-in process.

This feature was requested (voted on) by 6 customers in 2 months. We encourage you to add your voice to other feature requests by clicking on “Suggest a Feature” in your Retreat Booking Guru account.

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"Our communication and efficiency has greatly improved with Retreat Booking Guru now that we have the ability to accept credit cards online and schedule automatic notification emails."

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