Customize the Guest Statement per Program

Send professional invoices

Now you can update the way your guest statements look.

Instead of just using the default template, you can add your retreat center’s logo and branding, re-name the guest statement and add notes to it. And you can have a different guest statement for every retreat you run.

Learn how to make these customizations here.

This feature was requested (voted on) by 24 customers. We encourage you to add your voice to other feature requests by clicking on “Suggest a Feature” in your Retreat Booking Guru account.

Improvements to the “Extra Nights” feature

Maximize occupancy and revenue with extra nights

Encourage guests to stay extra nights before & after their retreat: and now we’ve added new features to extra nights:

  1. Pick which retreats or programs you want to encourage guests to stay extra nights, and which ones you don’t
  2. Select the number of extra nights that a guest can stay, per program
  3. Specify the price of those extra nights per retreat

Learn how to use these new features here

Select the extra night settings per program

Guests can select their extra nights when they register for a retreat

This feature was requested (voted on) by 13 customers. We encourage you to add your voice to other feature requests by clicking on “Suggest a Feature” in your Retreat Booking Guru account.

Pre-populated waiver forms

Save time while checking-in your guests.

Do you have waiver forms that guests fill out and sign when they arrive at your retreat center?

You can now speed up the check-in process by printing batches of waiver forms with your guests’ personal info already filled out and ready for them to sign. This is especially helpful when big groups of guests show up at once.

Create 1 waiver form template and Retreat Booking Guru will print out individual waiver forms for each guest with their name, stay dates and any other information you specify already included. A signature is all that’s required from your guest!

Sample pre-populated waiver form:

Contact us to have this feature added to your account.

Get all the details of this feature and how to use it here.

Automatic post-departure emails to retreat guests

Stay in touch with your retreat guests after they leave

One of our most highly-requested features, Post-departure emails, is now available. Now you can create and schedule emails to automatically send to your guests before they arrive and after they depart.

Turn this feature on by logging into your Retreat Booking account > Reg. Settings > Email. Scroll down and change Post Departure Email from “Disabled” to “Enabled”. Don’t forget to Save! From this date on, guests that leave your retreat center will get a post-departure email.


  • Build customer advocacy & get feedback from your guests with a built-in “Share your experience” link to your listing on Retreat.Guru
  • Stay in touch with your guests after their retreat by scheduling multiple, customized post departure emails.
  • Specify the date emails will get sent out for each retreat you run

Email retreat participants after retreat ends

Customize Per Program

Post-departure emails work just like pre-arrival emails!

When you’re creating a Program, in the email tab, the standard post-departure email will be automatically be enabled. You have the option to further customize this email for this program and schedule multiple post-departure emails.

Your vote counts!

We heard loud & clear: 28 customers voted for this feature, so we built it. Add, comment and vote for other features you’d like to see us build in Retreat Booking Guru. Log into your Retreat Booking Guru account and click the “Suggest a Feature” button at the bottom of the left-side menu.

Other popular feature requests (as of Aug 15th, 2017):

  • Enhancing the Guest Statement (23 votes) – We’re working on it!
  • Room Occupancy Report (8 votes) – We’re working it!
  • Attaching documents to a registration (21 votes)

Booking Software Feature Updates: June 2017

Mulit-lingual – Offer Support In Multiple Languages

We want to encourage people around the world to experience the benefits of going on Retreat. And not everyone speaks English! Now Retreat Centres can offer international guests the option of registering for a Retreat in the language of their choice.

multi-lingual support

Get the full details on the multilingual registration add-on. This is an extension, so please contact us to learn about pricing and have this feature added to your account. 


Accept Donations – Run Simple Donation Campaigns

Now with improved sliding scale pricing, Retreat Centres can create simple donation campaigns, and have donors pay online, just like when they register for a Retreat.

donation campaign

Contact us to get help setting up your first donation campaign.


Communicate Better With Guests on the Registration Form

Retreat Centres can now communicate better with guests filling out Retreat Registrations forms! You can now add custom messages to any section on the form – to remind guests of a refund policy, that they can fill out flight info later etc.

 guest registration form

Get the full details on this feature here.


New Layout in the Programs Section

Welcome to simplicity. All the features you know & love when creating or editing a program are still here. Now they’re organized into intuitive sections.

Easy to navigate & Intuitive Layout: No more scrolling endlessly up & down the create/edit Programs page: content is now organized into tabs & the Update button is always available on screen.

Program Section Layout

Try it for yourself by editing or creating a program.

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