Payment Processing

With your Retreat Booking Guru software account, you have a choice of payment processors.

Credit Card Processors

These integrations are direct, which means that even though the payment appears like it takes place directly on your RBG registration form, your client’s credit card is charged through your payment processor directly through an API connection behind the scenes, and the funds will be available to you immediately. Retreat Booking Guru does not charge any transaction fees for you to connect with a third party payment gateway – the rate and transaction fees you pay are handled by your payment processor.

Clients who are searching for a good payment processor often ask us which payment gateway we recommend, and the truth is that we’ve heard positive feedback about all of them so we can’t steer you in a particular direction. We recommend that you investigate all of your options and see where you can find the best rates and service in your area.

Payment Processor Integration

All of the payment processors (besides PayPal standard – which will redirect clients to PayPal’s website to pay), are seamlessly integrated with your RBG account. Seamless integration has three primary benefits:

  1. On the registration form, the client will simply input their credit card details and be charged automatically for either the deposit or the full amount without having to be redirected to another website or even knowing which payment processor you use.
  2. When you login to your RBG account you will also be able to view all the payments that have taken place and have the ability to charge client credit cards for remaining balances, and easily process refunds.
  3. You can also view all of your retreat payments/refunds in the Transactions section of your RBG account and run financial reports without ever having to login to your payment processor separately.

Payment Processing Options

We connect with several major payment processors. Here is the list of payment processors that we currently support that may be available in your area:

North America, PayPal Standard, PayPal Payments Pro, Braintree, Stripe, Evo Payments and Paysafe.

Europe, Australia, New Zealand

PayPal Standard, Braintree, Paysafe, Stripe (eWay also available in Australia/NZ)


We offer payment processing directly through Retreat Guru for centres in locations or market niches where other payment processors are not an option. This option is currently only available to clients who charge in USD. If this is of interest to you, please view more about our payout policy and speak with your onboarding specialist about rates and eligibility.

Security & Privacy for Your Clients

We take security very seriously and as a top priority.  We have an in-house development team, we never use third party code, we are hosted on Amazon AWS, we pass each iteration of code through over 1000 tests before launching, and have not had a security break in the history of our company.

In terms of security for your guests’ financial data – we do not store credit card information. We seamlessly connect with PCI compliant payment processors that store data securely, and this allows you to charge guest credit cards without having access to their credit cards directly.

Required Payment Gateway Credentials

When setting up your Retreat Booking Guru account, your onboarding specialist will ask you for specific information related to your payment processing account so that we can make a direct connection between Retreat Booking Guru and your processor of choice.


Instructions on finding your API Logins and Keys: Click Here

PayPal Payments Pro

Accept PayPal Pro

Instructions on finding your API Username, Signature and Password (for PayPal Pro clients):

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Click the Profile tab
  3. Click “Profile & Settings”
  4. On the lower left hand side of the screen click on “My Selling Tools”
  5. Next to API Access click “Update”
  6. Click “Request API Credentials”.
  7. Click Request API signature.
  8. Click Agree and Submit.



Instructions on finding your Merchant ID, Public Key and Private Key: Click Here


Stripe Online Payment

Instructions on finding your Test & Live Keys in Stripe: Click Here


Payment Gateway




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Integrate into any website. Showcase programs on your website with our beautiful retreat catalogue that uses all of your fonts, colours and branding.

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Provide better service to guests by having all their information in one system. Reduce risk by keeping track of participant health, dietary, and special needs too.

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Save time & know what's happening using our simple & powerful reporting. At a glance, see who is staying in which room and what program they are attending, which guests have a balance due, or search any of your financial transactions.

Combine Program Attendance With Accommodations

Retreat centers work differently than hotels. We combine program attendance with accommodations to streamline the registration process and save you unnecessary admin work.

Add On Bundles

Sales & Marketing Booster

Attract new participants & increase your revenue with the ability to follow up with abandoned registrations, early bird pricing, discounts, and multiple languages.

  • Bundle includes:
  • Abandoned registration follow up
  • Early bird pricing
  • Advanced discount codes
  • Multiple languages

Complex Registrations Time-Saver

Streamline your registration processes & save your time. Manage rental groups, block rooms, lightweight POS, multi person registration.

  • Bundle includes:
  • Multiperson registration
  • Block rooms for retreats
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  • Lightweight POS

Finance & Team Access Tracker

Reduce risk and know more about what's happening at your retreat center. Multiple access levels and permissions, track team activity build price packages, track personal credit.

  • Bundle includes:
  • Build & track packages
  • Manage personal credit
  • Multiple access levels & permissions
  • Track team activity

Benefit From Our Retreat Ecosystem


Saves you time

Streamline your registration and admin processes so you can focus on your guest's retreat experience

Payment Processing

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2.85% in Canada, USA & Australia
Interchange + 1% in Europe
Contact us for anywhere else


Discover new participants

Your event listings display for free on our marketplace helping you attract new participants from a global audience of retreat seekers. Only pay a 14% fee when a guest books and attends a retreat.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the 14 day free trial work?

Get access to all our features to try them out. We'll set you up with our software & a retreat consultant to make it easy. If you decide to buy then your free trial account will become your live account. You won't lose any of your data or your setup.

How many users do we get?

All plans come with unlimited accounts for your whole team.

What counts as a registration?

A registration is 1 guest's stay at your retreat center. Ie. A guest who comes for a 2 day retreat counts as 1 registration. A guest who comes for a 30 day retreat also counts as 1 registration.

Typically registrations are for overnight or multi-day retreats. But, if you have many day-visitors, or often rent out your retreat organization to visiting teachers & their students, weddings and conferences, let us know. This could make your plan cheaper!
contact us for custom pricing

What happens if I cancel half way through the year?

Pay yearly risk free:
If you pay a year in advance we will reimburse you for the remaining months left in the year.

Pay monthly:
If you pay monthly, you'll just stop paying at the beginning of the next month.

What happens if we go over our plan?

If your retreat organization is doing many more registrations than expected this year, Congrats! We will notify you if you're processing more registrations than is part of your current price plan. You'll only be responsible for paying your new price plan after you have been notified. If you sign up for a higher plan, and do fewer registrations than expected, you can move to a smaller plan. We will credit you the plan difference from last year towards this year's plan payment.

Still have questions?

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