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There are several key reasons why plant medicine centers love using Retreat Booking Guru:

  1. We can collect deposits and balances from your guests’ credit cards and wire the money directly to your bank account
  2. It is easy to pre-qualify your retreat participants by creating a custom intake form (including detailed medical questions)
  3. Access to information about your guests is at your fingertips – room assignment, payments, arrival info etc.
  4. Communicating with your retreat participants is easier than ever – you can send automated confirmation messages and pre-arrival emails, and bulk emails to retreat groups anytime you like.

Payment Processing for Plant Medicine Centers

Due to the location of your center (Peru, Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador etc.), and the nature of your business (ayahuasca, San Pedro ceremonies etc.), qualifying for a payment processing account can be a challenge. Retreat Guru provides convenient payment processing for many reputable plant medicine centers in South and Central America, and it works like this: your guests pay the deposit and/or full balance via credit card through a secure online form, and Retreat Guru collects the funds on your behalf. Twice a month we wire the money to the bank account of your choice. You’ll find more information on our payout policy here.

Pre-Qualify Your Retreat Participants

We know that you need to qualify your participants to make sure they are healthy and a good fit for plant medicine experiences. In our software, it is easy to create a custom intake form (i.e. medical questionnaire) that is required as a part of the application/registration process. You can also accept a deposit at the same time so that if they do qualify you don’t need to chase them for payment. If you need to decline their application, refunding their credit card and sending them a notification about it is done by clicking one easy button.

View Retreat Guest Reports

Instead of digging through emails to find out who is coming to your center or what meal requests your participants had, you can easily view elegant reports anytime you need them! You can also run financial reports to see how much revenue you generated for a particular retreat or date range.

Automated and Personalized Communication

You’ll love that our system sends automated (yet highly personalized) emails to your participants when they apply/register for a retreat. The confirmation email can include a copy of their invoice as well as a copy of their application with a link to update information in real time if they missed something or made a mistake on the form.

Our Plant Medicine Retreat Center Clients

Our software is used by many small and large plant medicine centers.

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