Feature Updates: April 2016

Save columns when saving, editing and exporting reports

When viewing a custom report, click the link to 'Edit report' to make changes to the on-screen and export columns. 

While editing your reports, you can change which filters you are using, and set which columns are to be displayed for each report.

You can also control which columns get exported into your CSV files to remove unwanted columns from your report. Just enter the names of the column headers, separated by commas, and only those columns will get exported.

The next time you run the report the proper columns will show up! saved reports also now show in the filters and reports + area at top of screen.

Change rooms from the Room Booking page

You can now move a guest to a new room right on the Room Bookings page, instead of going to their registration.

Filter registrations based on custom fields that are empty

On registration custom text fields you can now enter EMPTY and it will show you registrations where that custom field is empty.

Email a link for participants to update their registration form

If participants have incomplete data on their registration form, you can email them a link to complete the missing fields (ex. flight information) using the {{guest_edit_link}} shortcode. This shortcode can be sent to an individual participant from the participant dashboard, or send the link to multiple participants through a bulk email.

View the help documentation.

Weekend pricing

In addition to seasonal pricing, you can now add a price adjustment for certain days of the week.  Enter a negative number (-25) to discount the rate on certain days (ex. Mon – Thurs) or enter a positive number (+25) to increase the rate on specific days (ex. Fri and Sat).

View the help documentation.

New template for Guest Payment Request Email

You can now edit the default guest payment request email using the template added to the Email templates under Reg Settings.

View the help documentation.

Edit a discount code for a transaction

When you are using discount codes, and someone submits a Registration, you can now edit the discount amount right in the Transaction.

View the help documentation.