Feature Updates: March 2016

Summarize diet notes on the registrations page

You can now view a summary of guests’ diet notes on the registration page when the ‘show summary’ option is checked.

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 3.05.44 PM

Move transactions to another registration

You can now move a transaction to a different registration. This can be useful when some one makes a payment for a program but then they can’t attend and they want to transfer that payment to someone else. People can also pay for price add on’s on behalf of other people.

View the help documentation: https://retreatguru.helpjuice.com/15515-transactions/moving-a-transaction-to-a-different-registration

Bulk email participants with the link to view their statement and pay their balance

You can now send a financial statement to multiple guests, with a link to view their statement and pay their balance using the email shortcode {{guest_payment_link}}.

View the help documentation: https://retreatguru.helpjuice.com/admin/questions/bulk-emailing-a-statement-to-multiple-participants-that-includes-a-payment-form

Color code your programs on the Room Bookings page

You can now customize the color coding of your programs on the Room Bookings page. Color code your programs by things like: status, program type or location.

View the help documentation: https://retreatguru.helpjuice.com/admin/questions/how-to-create-a-new-program