Set a start and expiry date for discount codes

Why we made this

We understand that you’re busy marketing, organizing and maybe even running your own retreats. To help you stay on top of providing guests with special discount codes, we’ve made it easier for you to run time based promotions so you can get the word out and fill your retreats.

You’re now able to create urgency for your bookings by setting a start and expiry date for discount codes.


  • Plan your promotions ahead of time
  • Encourage repeat customers
  • Increase your sales in slow months

How to use this feature

A new link now appears on the right side of the discount code ‘Advanced discount options’:



Once this link is expanded, you’ll have the option to set your start date, expiry date and max quantity:





Learn more about how to use discounts to help boost your sales.

Note: this functionality isn’t included in our base plans but can be added as part of a bundle. Check out our pricing page or contact us to learn more.