What’s New, April 2019

Here’s what our team’s been working on in April:

  • Added an option to notify the Program Contact of new registrations without also notifying the Registrar (RG-268)
  • See which of your registrations came from the Retreat Guru Marketplace. Learn more (RG-473)
  • Enhanced API: Venues are now included in the Retreat Guru API (RG-435)
  • Ability to use seasonal and modified pricing together, in certain circumstances (RG-287)
  • Optional items with long descriptions: guests will see a shortened description on the registration form, that’s expandable if they want to read more (RG-271)
  • When hovering over an individual program on the Venues page you can now see the program’s max capacity & the number of guests registered (RG-221)
  • When changing a guest’s room after they register, rooms that may not be the best choice because they’re part of a room block for a different program will now be marked as “blocked” (RG-204)
  • When a guest picks the last spot in a gender-specific room and then specifies they aren’t that gender, they’ll be notified to pick a different room (RG-375)
  • Improve re-register experience: The re-register dropdown menu on a participant dashboard now includes programs AND rental programs. It is now ordered by 1) open date programs & rentals 2) current programs & rentals, 3) future programs & rentals sorted by start date, 4) past programs & rentals (if recent, <3 months ago) (RG-348)
  • Registration Volume chart on the Dashboard now includes discounts & cancellations. Previously, it only included registrations. (RG-229)
  • Ability to re-order Program Notes, in Reg. Settings (RG-394)
  • Bug Fix: Changing the lodging type for registration should update transaction description (RG-377)
  • BETA Feature (being piloted with a few centers) – Printable view of a “rental contract”: capture a registration for a “rental contract” in a viewable and printable format at a point in time. (RG-93)