What’s New, May 2019

Here’s what our team’s been working on this month:

  • Venue Bookings in Retreat Booking Guru can be imported into Google Calendar, via an iCAL feed, and displayed on an online calendar with other events (RG-557)
  • Users going to view “Bookings” or “Payouts” tab from the Retreat Guru Marketplace will stay logged in automatically (RG-573)
  • Re-order your list of saved reports, by dragging & dropping them into the order you want (RG-591)
  • “Webhooks” have been added to the Retreat Booking Guru API, so integrations with other pieces of software can be easier & faster to develp (RG-70)
  • Global Optional Items: instead of adding optional items every time you create a new program, you can now save time by setting up all the info about your optional items once (being piloted with a few centers)(RG-211)
  • You can now quickly notice special “flagged” guests in the registrations or people areas. Guests with a balance owing are highlighted yellow, guests marked as blacklisted are dark grey, and guests marked by a staff as “flagged” for any other reason are blue.(being Piloted) (RG-326)
  • To improve the listings of Retreat Booking Guru customers using the Marketplace, an automatic email can be sent to all guests, the day they leave a retreat center, asking guests to review the center on the retreat.guru Marketplace(being piloted with a few centers) (RG-558)
  • When a registrar re-registers a guest for another program using the registration form, they can now choose to use that guest’s existing credit card on file to immediately pay for the new program.(being piloted with a few centers) (RG-220)
  • Retreat centers can now create custom registration statuses like “application needs review” (being piloted with a few centers) (RG-168)
  • Calendar availability: for hotel-dates (flexible date) programs, the calendar availability will update automatically based on your center’s availability (being piloted with a few centers) (RG-205)
  • Meal summary report: meal reporting now breaks down meals by day & diet type. (being piloted with a few centers) (RG-550)