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So you have just seen how Retreat Booking Guru works, and now you are ready to play with your own version.  Great! On our next call we will build one of your upcoming retreats together in your sandbox so that you can play with a solid understanding of how the program works. By the end of the call, all your accommodation options will be set up, and you will be only a step away from taking real registrations if you wish!

Steps we’ll cover on our set up call:

  1. Adding a Teacher
  2. Building your registration form
  3. Building your pricing (lodging types) that guests will see when booking
  4. Building your Rooms
  5. Creating your first Program

Things you will need for our next call:

  1. Promotional photos, description, dates, and pricing for one retreat.
  2. A list of questions you ask your guests on the registration form
  3. Name, bio, and photo of the teacher teaching that retreat.
  4. Photos and descriptions of your rooms.
  5. Access to your website (e.g., WordPress admin log in)


Going even further…

If you are a real keener you might start to think about these things:

  1. Which payment processor would you like to connect to your RBG account? Here are your options
  2. How would you like to integrate RBG into your website? Here are your options
  3. What features are important to you? Here is a list of features that can be added to any plan
  4. How many user login accounts will you require? Do you need different levels of access for each?
  5. How many registrations do you have already for your upcoming retreats?
  6. What is your payment policy? What is your cancellation policy? Do you have other terms and conditions or a waiver you need your guests to agree to at the time of booking?
  7. Do you have a listing for your Retreat Center (or retreat company) to promote on Retreat.Guru? Add one here
  8. Do you need to connect to other software systems like spa booking, or email marketing platforms?  We link to Zapier, so search here for software we connect to.

"Our communication and efficiency has greatly improved with Retreat Booking Guru now that we have the ability to accept credit cards online and schedule automatic notification emails."

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